About us

Since 1970, the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation (MAF) has supported hundreds of projects in Palestine and throughout the world. Initially started as a humanitarian assistance organization, the MDF has since expanded its scope to include the education, healthcare, culture and civil society sectors. Through its diverse program of endowments and project support, the MDF hopes to encourage more Palestinians to strengthen our communities through personal, individual engagement and philanthropy.

After the 50th anniversary, the MDF founder changed the foundation's name to the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation.


The Munib and Angela Masri Foundation strengthens Palestinian communities at home and abroad with endowments designed to create a robust network of universities and hospitals, as well as targeted project funding for initiatives that promote cultural advancement, women’s empowerment and the care of citizens with special needs.


The Munib and Angela Masri Foundation is fully committed to making a difference in local communities. Working in partnership with local and international organizations, the Munib & Angela Masri Foundation seeks to advance the social, educational, economic and physical well-being of all Palestinians, and to encourage Palestinians abroad to become actively involved in the work of building a nation within our borders.


  • Support development of the educational sector in Palestine and the rest of the Arab world
  • Support the healthcare sector, with a special focus on improved medical services in under served areas
  • Provide direct humanitarian assistance to the most disadvantaged groups in society
  • Develop and support projects that assist and care for people with special needs
  • Empower women, particularly in marginalized populations
  • Create local, on-the-ground strategic alliances with other international and local non-governmental organizations in ways that expand project impact and increase effectiveness
  • Ensure continuity in our support to local Palestinian establishments, organizations and individuals to help them capitalize on and leverage the investment
  • Create a similar model for philanthropy in Palestine for like-minded individuals by sharing best practices and the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation's track record of successful experience in the field.