Masri Foundation Unveils Expansion of Marka Primary Girls School

Mr. Munib R. Masri, founder of the Munib & Angela Masri Foundation (MAF), proudly inaugurated the expansion of Marka Primary School for Girls recently. This significant milestone, achieved through collaboration between MAF and the Marka Village Council, marks a pivotal moment in advancing educational resilience in Palestinian communities, an initiative commenced by the Foundation in early 2023.

The school's expansion project has added a new floor, including three spacious classrooms and a service area, totaling 156 square meters. This augmentation aims to cultivate an enriched learning environment conducive to academic excellence and will help to foster positive outcomes for the students and nurture a thriving school atmosphere.

Commencing the ceremony, Ms. Fida Barahmah, the school principal, extended cordial greetings to the attendees and expressed profound gratitude to the Munib & Angela Masri Foundation for its unwavering support and generous contribution, which will provide the students with enhanced opportunities for academic engagement and growth.

In recognition of the Foundation's impactful endeavors, Mr. Kamal Abu Al-Rub, Governor of Jenin Governorate, underlined its commitment to community development, citing previous collaborations such as establishing the Munib Rashid Masri Grandchildren’s School, located in Ya’bad. Mr. Kamal Abu Al-Rub praised Mr. Munib R. Masri's steadfast dedication to bolstering educational institutions, underscoring his belief in nurturing the future leaders of Palestine through accessible and quality education.

Echoing sentiments of gratitude, Mr. Nafe' Musa, Head of the Village Council of Marka, underscored the transformative impact of the Foundation's initiatives on local communities, with the newly constructed classrooms promising to elevate the educational landscape, empowering students to achieve academic milestones vital for a prosperous future.

Mr. Ahmed Jarrar, Director of Education in Jenin, commended the Foundation's collaborative approach, emphasizing the pivotal role of community partnerships in advancing educational endeavors.  Mr. Ahmed Jarrar outlined how the expanded facilities are a pivotal stride towards enriching the learning experience and fortifying educational infrastructure, essential for sustained progress.

Mr. Munib Masri reaffirmed MAF's enduring commitment to educational development, highlighting the importance of collective endeavors to shape a brighter future for Palestine amidst evolving circumstances. MAF's extensive portfolio of educational initiatives underscores its dedication to fostering innovation and excellence across various domains.

The Munib & Angela Masri Foundation (MAF or Masri Foundation) is an independent, non-profit organization instrumental in the creation and support of many important educational institutions, including the Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources at the American University of Beirut, the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin and the Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research in Jerusalem. Elsewhere in Palestine, MAF has funded the construction of several important institutions, including the Munib R. Masri Center for Innovation and Excellence at the Palestine Polytechnic University, the Munib R. Masri Scientific Research Complex at the Islamic University of Gaza, the Engineering Faculty at Al Najah University and the Information Technology faculty and Center for Innovation and Excellence at Birzeit University. The Masri Foundation also supports local projects in the Arab world, including the rebuilding of schools in Yemen.